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  • What size tents do you provide
    We provide 4, 5 and 6 meter Bell Tents
  • Do the tents come with bedding.
    No , However bedding can be added as an optional extra. please see our prices page
  • Do the tents have electricity
    No. However if your campsite pitch / venue has electric we can provide an electric hook up. please check our optional extras on the prices page
  • Do the tents come with interior lighting
    Yes we provide two mobile led lights, Fairy lights which trail down the centre pole and an led candle light in a lantern on the centre table. which all create a lovely ambeance
  • How far will you deliver
    We will deliver deliver any where in the UK at a reasonable cost. however it is free of charge to most north devon areas. We will also deliver anywhere in the south west usually at a cost of £1 per mile on the outward journey only.
  • What are the delivery charges
    Delivery within most of the northern Devon area is free. Prices out of this area will vary depending on the event size and distance from our base. Please get in touch for a more personalised quote.
  • How many guests can you accomodate at one function?
    We are able to accomodate over 100 guests at present, but please do get in touch if you anticipate higher numbers.
  • Is there a minimum number of tents we need to hire for our wedding/event?
    We do ask that there is a minimum number of 5 tents booked for weddings and large events, however if your event is in our immediate area then we do not require a minimum. Please send us your venue postcode and we can advise you on this.
  • Does the price include the camping site's/venues pitching fees?
    No, you will have to pay for your pitch seperately.
  • Whose responsibility is it to book the pitch?
    Yours, you will need to check availablity with both the camp site and Native Outdoors and book and pay for your pitch seperately.
  • What sort of pitch do I need?
    A sheltered pitch is ideal, located next to a hedgeline is preferable but not vital. You will need to allow roughly 2m extra space on a pitch, so a 4m bell tent requires a 6m pitch.
  • What time will my tent be ready? What time do I need to check out?
    For camp site Glamping: Check-in: You can arrive at your bell tent from 2.30pm onwards. Check-out: Check out times vary at different camp sites. We ask that you leave 1 hour before this so that we can remove the tent by the correct check out time. This is very important for camp sites who have a quick turnover of guests especially in peak season. NB: Some sites allow for extended stay - we allow this also, but please ask in advance so that we can if we have availability and/or can let our crew know especially in the busy season. Weddings and Large Events: Check-in: Tents are usually erected the day before your guests are due to arrive. This is flexible between you, the venue and Native Outdoors. Check-out: Please vacate the bell tents by 10.30am on the 3rd morning of their rental unless otherwise agreed with us and your venue.
  • So, how do I book a tent?"
    For large events and weddings please email us for a bespoke service as no two events are the same! For Glamping in North Devon - please follow our step-by-step guide here:
  • Is the £100 booking deposit (per tent) refundable?
    The booking deposit contributes towards your overall cost, it is not a refundable damage deposit. Should you wish to cancel your holiday/event then the following compensation rates will be charged by Native Outdoors: 1) Native will retain 100% of the hire price/booking deposit with notice less than 4 weeks prior to arrival 2) Native will remiburse 50% of the hire price/booking deposit with notice less than 8 weeks prior to arrival 3) You will receive a full refund of the total paid to Native thus far
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay via bank transfer or cheque.
  • Will I receive confirmation of my booking and a receipt of payment?
    Yes we send electronic versions of both via email and 'Wave'.
  • Can I stay for less than three nights?
    Our base price per tent covers the first three nights' stay. You can stay for one or two nights, but the price remains the same. If you check-out of your campsite early, please notify us so that we can remove the tent early to avoid possible damage or theft.
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